Data Center Solutions

Cluster-aware Storage Virtualisation

Protected by RAID technology and equipped with high-performance SAN interfaces, high-end storage is far too expensive to be left widely unused. Storage virtualisation helps to improve the efficiency of utilization for this high priced resource. OSL offers a modern storage management approach which allows the waste-free storage allocation. The close integration with OSL's own cluster technology implements high availability by birth.
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High Availability

Already for some time to avoid unplanned downtimes is a key demand for operational concepts of large data centers. But even for medium-sized and smaller IT departments, this topic is increasingly in focus. The OSL technology is fundamentally based on the approach of clustering servers. To meet high availability demands is the central aim of all OSL software products.
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster scenarios can be trained, but after a complete blackout of a productive data centre or the productive RAID, nothing works as excpected and trained. Administrators feel like dancing on the brink. Now the objective is to bring - without loosing any transactions - the applications online, as quickly as possible. Helpful in situations like this is indeed a software designed to guarantee a lossless restart.
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Backup, Restore, Recovery, and Archiving

In the very unlikely, but definitely occurring event of data loss in primary or productive storage, essentially there are two urgent needs. First, a backup should be available. Ideally, it is identical with the lost data. Secondly, this backup should be as soon as possible ready for productive access. Using modern mirror technology and persuasive integration of applications, OSL has developed a concept providing backups with exactly the same data like in the lost productive storage and being ready for immediate productive access. Long-term archiving can be integrated by request.
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